ACR Publication training manuals are designed with learning in mind. Each manual is filled with high quality graphics developed specifically for the book. Individual chapters begins with a brief description of the contents, followed by a list a of key words to watch for during the lesson. The body text of each chapter features a unique "information mapping" format used to make reference quick and easy. Finally, a chapter ends with a worksheet questionaire about the lesson contents. Our specialized format and graphical approach to concept clarity has been found to be very effective in dealing with multiple learning styles.

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What is a correspondence

Correspondences courses allow for students to purchase a college level course to complete on their own time.

Once the student completes the classwork, they can send it back to ACR Publications for review and grading. This allows the student to assess their knowledge in the specific topic area.          

Math Courses

These math courses were developed to help water operators review or sharpen their math skills     

Each course has been developed to progressively add onto the previous lessons.           






Water Treatment and Water Distribution Certifcation Reviews

Certification is part of the job for operators.

Developed by Grade 5 operators, these courses are IACET certified and will help you prepare for your state certification exams.